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  • Distribution Updates

    This is just to calm the fans that have been worried about albums disappearing from Spotify, iTunes, etc...Read More »
  • Getting Ready For More Action

    Evil Masquerade are gearing up for the upcoming show at the Ibiza Road Trip Festival on...Read More »

    There's now an official Facebook group where you can get to know other supporters of the band, discuss, share...Read More »
  • The Ibiza show 2018 is SOLD OUT

    It seems like you listened and got your tickets instead of waiting. The Ibiza 2018 HRH Road Trip is...Read More »
  • Confirmed for HRH Road Trip – IBIZA 2018

    Evil Masquerade is confirmed to play the HRH ROAD TRIP Festival (9-16 May, 2018) on IBIZA (ES). Other bands include Turisas, Eclipse, Graham Bonnet Band...Read More »
  • Award for ‘Best International Band’

    30,000 voters participated in total. The award winners were decided by the dedicated TBFM family who spent time over Christmas going through the public voted shortlists. On a...Read More »
  • Still # 1 on the Swedish charts

    In December Evil Masquerade went straight to # 1 on the Swedish Rocknytt Topp 20 charts with the song 'Märk Hur Vår Skugga'. 3 weeks later and it's still there at the top...Read More »
  • Märk Hur Vår Skugga – No 1

    Last week the song was given the opportunity to challenge the artists on the Rocknytt Topp 20 charts in Sweden. Your votes took the track all the way to the top...Read More »
  • Now on Instagram

    As a result of several requests you can now hook up with Evil Masquerade on Instagram. Expect to find a growing mixture of new and old photos...Read More »
  • New video and single

    The 200 years old track 'Märk Hur Vår Skugga' is released today as both video and single. It's a tribute to one of the most important Swedish poets and troubadours, Carl Michael Bellman. The song also...Read More »
  • Black Friday lockdown

    Evil Masquerade and Dark Minstrel Music don't want to add to the Black Friday hysteria. Therefore you will find the webshop to be closed today...Read More »
  • Introducing Live drummer

    Many have wondered who will play the drums on Evil Masquerade’s next show. Welcome back Jens Berglid (Denner/Shermann live, Fate). This might not...Read More »
  • 3 Award Nominations

    The band is nominated in no less than 3(!) categories for the TBFM Music Industry Awards 2017. • Best International Band • Best New Album (The Outcast Hall Of Fame) • Best Artwork (painted by David Troest)...Read More »
  • New album special • WIN CD & shirt!

    Dave Softee's Metal Meltdown is doing an Evil Masquerade special on November 14. Henrik Flyman will be on the show talking about the...Read More »
  • No. 1 most requested

    Eagle Eye Music Promotion just announced Evil Masquerade's 'Lost Inside A World Of Fear' to be their No. 1 most requested track at the 365 Radio Network...Read More »
  • Live in Ringsted (DK)

    November 19. You can expect a well-balanced mix of classic- and brand new material. Tickets are already available online...Read More »
  • Metal Forever & Metal Man interview

    Henrik answers questions about new vocalist Nicklas Sonne, the new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame', the characteristic Evil Masquerade sound, the evolution of the band and the metal scene in...Read More »
  • Changing drummer

    After a lengthy period of back problems and growing apart musically we have mutually come to the agreement to part way with drummer Dennis Buhl. There's no bad blood or drama involved in this decision. Dennis has...Read More »
  • Seigneurs Du Metal interview

    Seigneurs Du Metal has published a new interview with Henrik Flyman about the new album and the songwriting. Available in both...Read More »
  • Earshot interview

    Earshot from Austria has just published a new interview with Henrik Flyman about the new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame'...Read More »
  • DarkCity Magazine interview

    Check out the latest issue of Russian DarkCity Magazine for an interview with Henrik Flyman about the new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame' and a...Read More »
  • The new album on YouTube

    The new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame' has just been uploaded to the official YouTube channel and...Read More »
  • Live interview tonight on Rock of Ages

    Henrik Flyman will be live on the air via telephone on the Rock of Ages show on Dutch channel Aladna FM (107.2 FM). Tune in...Read More »
  • Area 51 Rock Show live interview

    LIVE ON THE AIR: Diego Falconi is talking to Henrik Flyman later today on the Area 51 Rock Show. Tune in 18:00 (local time in Ecuador, Quito) at 102.9 FM. Also available...Read More »
  • Apollo does Dio tribute show

    Coming up tomorrow Friday in Lidköping, Sweden. Find all details in the local newspaper...Read More »
  • Featuring Mats Levén (lyric video)

    The song 'Darkness (I Need You)' is now available as a lyric video. It's taken from the new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame' and...Read More »
  • Number 1 on the TBFM charts (UK)

    Evil Masquerade made the official TBFM charts already a few weeks ago with the song 'The Spineless' from the new album 'The Outcast Hall Of Fame' - and now the band resurfaces...Read More »
  • Nicklas Sonne is the new singer

    The chemistry was really good already from the beginning and the audience were almost immediately throwing horns in the air, so without...Read More »
  • Evil Masquerade on Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem

    There's an Evil Masquerade special coming up today on Blackdiamond's Metal Mayhem. Henrik Flyman will be on the show and you can...Read More »
  • Live vocalist: Nicklas Sonne

    The Breaking Bands Festival (UK) is coming up this Saturday and it's time to announce who will be holding the microphone. After careful consideration Evil Masquerade are pleased to announce Nicklas Sonne to be the man. Check him out in the new video 'Lost Inside A World Of Fear' from the...Read More »

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RT @BLP4220: @FrontiersMusic1 @TedNugent I'm listening to @EvilMasquerade as I often do when I can't sleep! Love these guys to death 🤘💀❤ ht…
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RT @S_Satoh_metal: #nowplaying: "The Wind Will Rise (Remastered Version)" from "10 Years in the Dark (Remastered Version)" by EVIL MASQUERA…
RT @S_Satoh_metal: #nowplaying: "The Spineless" from "The Outcast Hall of Fame" by EVIL MASQUERADE (再生回数: 0) #songsinfo
RT @DDsigure: ネオクラシカルメタルからはこちらを
RT @Qotgi: Hardrock and water. Nothing else.. One thousand roses and (not) a lot of pain Evil Masquerade…
RT @thiotimoline: 目覚し5曲 Kill The King/Rainbow Kimigayo Wa Chiyoni/EVIL MASQUERADE,君が代カバー セーラ服と機関銃/薬師丸ひろ子 Diary Of A Madman/Dream Theater,…
RT @edgeofinsanity4: ROYAL HUNT初代フロントマン、ヘンロック・ブロックマンがメタル界にカムバックで鳴り物入りデビューだったEvil Masquerade、今現在その時の面影もない。1stはこれぞネオクラシカルという珠玉の出来だったのに。 https…