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by Henrik Flyman


I would like to say a few words about the other day in Paris. It’s getting personal. It could have been me in the audience, or maybe even on the stage. I have several friends with connections to the Bataclan concert hall.

Bataclan - the day after the shootings (photo: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène)

Bataclan, the day after the shootings (photo: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène).

There’s no need to go into how barbaric this night was. No one can possibly have missed it. But now comes a really difficult challenge. How do we respond?

The intelligently challenged will of course play in favor of the terrorists and blame Islam. People who don’t understand the main purpose of such attacks are really dangerous for democratic societies where all votes count. The rise of numerous nationalist parties are the proof of that.

It really amazes me that so many are so easily fooled.

• When a guy decides to form his own private club and gives it a name that includes the second largest religion in the world, the alarm clocks should start tingling just a little bit.
• When the official explanation to why he is the leader is “by order of God”, signals should start getting louder.
• When he claims religious, political and military authority over the already existing 1,6 billions followers of that religion, it should be impossible not to understand that this is a madman.

Apparently there is a large number of people that fail to see any of this. They wholeheartedly support him by blaming the innocent 1,6 billions (yes, about 23% of the world’s population) for his actions in their name. He gets exactly what he wants. A divided society of ‘we’ and ‘them’. The stronger the hate, the easier his mission.

2005 I wrote a song that never ended up on an album because I didn’t know how to finish it. I have kept it in the top drawer of my libraries ever since. Earlier this year all the pieces fell into place and I got it just right (yes, it will appear on the upcoming album). This song has never been more up-to-date than it is right now since it deals with all of the above. A bit scary actually.

There are no quick fixes.
But here’s something that will change the situation in the long run.

• Let’s learn from history and speak loudly against mad men.
• Let’s show support towards those who are unrighteously being slandered.
• Let’s educate those who need it.

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