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by Henrik Flyman


Now our latest single ‘Märk Hur Vår Skugga’ has been out for a few weeks and I’m quite taken by the attention it has already received since it’s anything but mainstream. I never had any doubts about the quality of what Carl Michael Bellman created a couple of hundred years ago, but experience tells me that my personal taste doesn’t necessarily resonate with the busy contemporary world. I was hopeful but definitely skeptical about how a song that oozes of both poetry and history would be received in 2016. And even more so since we chose to present it in its original Swedish language to a world-wide audience.

The number one question in comments and conversations is about the lyrics. Therefore, please let me summarize without doing an actual translation. (there are English translations to be found online, but I find them extremely deficient)

The story jumps right into the preparations for a woman’s funeral. She drank herself to death in the company of her male friends at the local tavern. It is very dark and poetically written in old Swedish. The story then takes us through the ceremony. We follow her indiscreet companions coming out of church as they are already getting ready for the next bottle of alcohol. No lesson learned.



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