The Cover Song

Henrik Flyman

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by Henrik Flyman


After much consideration I have decided to include a cover song on our seventh Evil Masquerade album. Not because I have a problem coming up with new music (it’s actually easier than ever these days), but because this old Swedish tune is really great and a song I have always liked. Right now it’s 03:10 in the middle of the night and 45 minutes ago I finalized an Evil Masquerade version of this song that I am completely satisfied with. It took me several days to achieve this, but now I feel it really respects the original at the same time as it is never before heard. The big question right now is whether I should keep it in Swedish or if it needs to be translated into English. Such a translation would be incredibly difficult to do since I highly respect the author’s poetical skills – and quite frankly, I don’t even come close to master his linguistic wizardry. I’m leaning towards keeping it in Swedish (of course with included lyrics in the CD booklet). What do you think? Is it a completely stupid idea?