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by Henrik Flyman


So, I was watching the YouTube live feed from Lemmy’s Memorial Service last night. A really well-organized and moving celebration of his life and career. It was broadcast live from Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills and attended by family, close friends, the Motörhead family and celebrities with a connection to the band.

But this isn’t about Lemmy or the people attending the memorial. It’s about the anonymous people that felt a need to post disrespectful and mean comments in the chat-box next to the video live feed. It really made me wonder where things got wrong for so many people.

How does it make sense to a person to attend a memorial service for a recently deceased and do something like this under the protection of a fake name?

Internet Trolls - The Digital Crucifix
Is it merely a byproduct of feeling small and unimportant that make people take out their frustrations on others? Or lack of brain-cells? I’m leaning towards the first theory since it’s a modern problem and evolution isn’t a speedy process. However, I find it very likely to be a combination of the two.

Same moral decency and universal laws need to apply both on- and offline. Trolls thrive in the dark. Are we forced to turn on the spotlights to make this go away? Freedom of speech is a tricky matter when it’s abused by the nameless just to insult others.

What are your thought about this?

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