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Since the last couple of albums there’s been many questions asked about our label Dark Minstrel Music. There’s clearly some curiosity floating around. The blunt truth is that we were never a perfect band for the traditional record label industry. We didn’t really fit in. Our ways of sounding and looking are apparently not well-integrated with the mass marketing model. Perfect! Throughout my career I have signed 10-15 record contracts (larger and smaller) around the world, but the results were always more or less identical. A bunch of great reviews and then not much more happening. After a while it didn’t feel like a very sustainable way of continuing into the future. That’s when the idea came up. We needed to build our own platform instead of being the misplaced bunch at someone else’s party. Today we never have to speculate about who’s going to release the next album and how that will turn out. Together with Dark Minstrel Music we are building a network that is sincerely interested in the band and really want for it to grow stronger with a larger audience. For me personally it has definitely also been beneficial for the songwriting. I need to see a future in what I’m doing to be able to deliver according to my own expectations. Our supporters deserve nothing less. I’m truly grateful for everyone that have joined us here in the underground where the sound of Evil Masquerade is getting louder every day and night. Just for curiosity, how did you find the band?

Rocking somewhere in Germany (pun intended). Photo Thomas Trane.
Rocking somewhere in Germany