Timrå childhood Metal Village

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by Henrik Flyman


I have played hundreds of shows in about 20-30 countries on 3 continents for larger and smaller audiences, but there’s nothing quite like playing in the village where you grew up. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to do so last year and accepted right away even though it wasn’t a very big gig and meant a 1000 km drive from Copenhagen where I live these days. Timrå Municipality has around 10000 citizens and this is where I went to school and started my first garage bands and my first professional band (‘Moahni Moahna’). I have played countless gigs in Timrå between the mid 80’s and the late 90’s. Everything from acoustic cover stuff to hardrock and metal. But prior to the show last year I hadn’t played a single note there since -97 when Moahni Moahna opened for Deep Purple at an open-air concert. Evil Masquerade had never been this far up in Sweden before, so it was a great feeling to return to where everything started on the 10th Anniversary of the band. I was blown away that so many old friends and familiar faces showed up. And even though it was impossible to find enough time to talk to everyone more than briefly, it was definitely a really cool night.

So, does anyone still remember Moahni Moahna?

(photo: Thomas Trane)

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