10 Years in the Dark (2014)
Evil Masquerade - 10 Years in the Dark
The Digital Crucifix (2014)

Pentagram (2012)

Fade to Black (2009)

Third Act (2007)

Theatrical Madness (2005)

Welcome to the Show (2004)

The metal wildcard Evil Masquerade was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark 2003 by Swedish born guitarist Henrik Flyman. He wanted to try out a few new songs with a lineup of local musicians whose backgrounds spanned from melodic hard rock to death metal. This resulted in an interesting sound that could best be described as a blend of the iconic metal bands from the 80’s and something indefinable. No other band sounded like Evil Masquerade. Henrik was already determined to release a full album even though the fundings weren’t even close to cover the production costs. Completely convinced that Evil Masquerade was on to something important he decided to finance everything with private loans and selling some of his equipment. The recordings caught the attention of a few record labels and the debut album ‘Welcome to the Show’ was released 2004. It gained immediate recognition amongst hard rocking communities around the world. But to the broader masses the band remained a secret. Musicians came and went as several more albums were released. But something was holding them back. The primarily reason seemed to be that Evil Masquerade was too different from their record labels’ other bands and that made them very unsafe to invest in. Henrik felt great uncomfort in the situation so 2011 he finally decided to break free from all record contracts and take full control with their own label Dark Minstrel Music. Evil Masquerade’s tireless spirit didn’t go unnoticed and the word began to spread.

One of the longest lasting members, drummer Dennis Buhl, joined the band already on the debut album and has played on all recordings ever since (except ‘Fade to Black’). The sophomore outing, ‘Theatrical Madness’, saw the light one year after the debut and in connection to the 2005 live shows bass player Thor Jeppesen joined. There have been some lineup changes around this trinity ground core, but they always managed to preserve and develop their trademark sound. It wasn’t until 2011 Evil Masquerade finally found their first permanent keyboard player Artur Meinild, who joined the band just before their fifth album ‘Pentagram’ was released. Today stability reigns in this closely united 4-piece.

  • Artur Meinild
  • Thor Jeppesen
  • Dennis Buhl

Evil Masquerade have always been known for their excellent vocalists. Throughout the years there have been a few, whereof the longest lasting was Apollo Papathanasio (2005 – 2013). At the moment there is still secrecy about who will be recording Evil Masquerade’s seventh studio album ‘The Outcast Hall Of Fame’ (May 19, 2016), but prepare to be blown away…

  • Managed by Dark Minstrel Music.
  • Awards: JPF Music Award (US) for Best Songwriting 2009.
  • Charity: ‘Let’s Unite in Rock’ (Metal For Cancer)
  • Most famous song: ‘Black Ravens Cry’ (on iTunes)
  • Former notable guests and members include: David Rosenthal (key), Tony Carey (key), Mats Olausson (key), Johan Niemann (bs), Daniel Flores (dr), Richard Andersson (key), André Andersen (key)
  • Photos by Thomas Trane.