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  • Do reviews matter?

    Do reviews matter?

    What do you think? In the early days I just assumed they did. But in retrospect…Read More »
  • No rules apply

    No rules apply

    As you have noticed, the song ‘On No Way To Broadway‘ turned out to be quite massive with its 12:34 minutes. I had expected some critique for...Read More »
  • Maybe a new album

    Maybe a new album

    At the moment I'm spending time in a Sweden surrounded by ice and snow. I'm thinking about writing a new album. This time it would...Read More »
  • About the Swedish lyrics

    About the Swedish lyrics

    Now our latest single 'Märk Hur Vår Skugga' has been out for a few weeks. The number one question in comments and conversations is about the lyrics. Therefore...Read More »
  • Thanks Ringsted (DK)

    Thanks Ringsted (DK)

    Once again we were amazed to see such a fine crowd of loyal fans whereof a few had traveled quite far to be there. You are the reason to why Evil Masquerade is still around and...Read More »
  • The Evil Masquerade musicians

    The Evil Masquerade musicians

    This list features their recordings with other bands. It has recently been updated with a whole bunch of releases such as Apollo's brand new solo debut album, Rick Altzi's latest release with...Read More »
  • More video coming

    More video coming

    It feels intriguing to visualize this 200 years old classic within the Evil Masquerade universe. The video will be a flashback to the period leading up to what the lyrics talk about. You can expect...Read More »
  • Adrenaline boost in the middle of creativity

    Adrenaline boost in the middle of creativity

    I have come to realize throughout the years that my creativity tend to thrive in situations of change. This has never been more true. On top of this I suddenly got a few unexpected...Read More »
  • Recommend some great music

    Recommend some great music

    I guess you know that cool feeling of discovering a great song you never heard before - or a band that you didn't know existed. I have come to realize that most new music I find is because of recommendations from...Read More »
  • Lost inside a world of fear

    Lost inside a world of fear

    History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. It resurfaces in slightly different shapes to seduce the...Read More »
  • TBFM Magazine interview online

    TBFM Magazine interview online

    About crowdfunding. - Yes I see it as begging. But I have nothing against people doing it. People are begging for money all over the city. Homeless people...Read More »
  • Cover artist David Troest

    Cover artist David Troest

    I think it’s about time to put a well-deserved spotlight on our front cover artist since a few years back. David Troest is definitely a guy you will come to hear increasingly more about as the year goes by. He’s one of these rare individuals that...Read More »
  • Upcoming announcements

    Upcoming announcements

    On Thursday we will announce who sings on the upcoming album. It's been interesting to follow...Read More »
  • About the songwriting

    About the songwriting

    It was quite easy this time and I think it can also be heard on the material. It's definitely some of the strongest...Read More »
  • The new album is mixed

    The new album is mixed

    When I started working on this album over a year ago I was determined to make it stand out as something very special. Thousands of hours have...Read More »
  • It’s not thunder

    It’s not thunder

    The rumbling you are about to hear as darkness spreads over Copenhagen this weekend is not weather related. It's...Read More »
  • New album update

    New album update

    Since people seem curious, I thought I'd take a moment to sum up how far we are into the production of the new Evil Masquerade album. We have...Read More »
  • A video message from the studio

    A video message from the studio

    A video message from one of many recording sessions...Read More »
  • The Outcast Band Of Fame

    The Outcast Band Of Fame

    I’m on my way home from yet another killer recording session. The sketches are finally being brought to life and the guys deliver like crazy! This will...Read More »
  • Evil Masquerade musicians

    Evil Masquerade musicians

    Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of playing together with numerous talented musicians in Evil Masquerade. There are definitely some nice albums in their discographies, so I thought it would be cool to...Read More »
  • The Internet Trolls

    The Internet Trolls

    I was watching the live feed from Lemmy's Memorial Service last night. But this isn't about Lemmy or the people attending the memorial. It's about the anonymous people...Read More »
  • 2016 will ROCK!

    2016 will ROCK!

    We have a few surprises coming up about the new album, plus more shows. 2016 has Evil Masquerade stamped all over it. Now I raise a glass and...Read More »
  • A small update from Colombia

    A small update from Colombia

    It's in the middle of the night and I'm at a hotel in Colombia where I'm waiting to play the last show of a 6 week world tour with Lacrimosa. I have kept double-busy...Read More »
  • Black Friday?

    Black Friday?

    'Black Friday' sounds very heavy metal like. But you know what? There's a place that is pitch black every day of the week – all year round...Read More »
  • About Paris and mad men

    About Paris and mad men

    There's no need to go into how barbaric this night was. No one can possibly have missed it. But now comes...Read More »
  • What makes a guitarist great?

    What makes a guitarist great?

    If someone sounds like a bunch of other players he is very easily replaced. 5 qualities I appreciate in a guitarist...Read More »
  • Tony Carey on NRK

    Tony Carey on NRK

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Tony Carey fan in Evil Masquerade circles. He caught my attention with his keyboards on the Rainbow 'Rising' album and...Read More »
  • Timrå childhood Metal Village

    Timrå childhood Metal Village

    Evil Masquerade had never been this far up in Sweden before, so it was a great feeling to return to where everything started for a show on...Read More »
  • Andreas Tophøj on violin

    Andreas Tophøj on violin

    It's always a pleasure working with talented people and he definitely belongs in that category. One glance at the sheet music and...Read More »
  • Black Ravens Cry

    Black Ravens Cry

    Throughout the years many people have told me that this was the song that made them discover Evil Masquerade. So today I am of course...Read More »
  • All songs are written

    All songs are written

    We have been through a few different eras of the band. I feel that the new material sums up everything Evil Masquerade stands for and...Read More »
  • Spotify & Mixtapes

    Spotify & Mixtapes

    Remember the old days with cassette tapes? I enjoyed the creative fun of putting together mixtapes from my own record collection and records I borrowed from...Read More »
  • The Cover Song

    The Cover Song

    Right now it's 03:10 in the middle of the night and 45 minutes ago I finalized an Evil Masquerade version of this song that I am completely satisfied with. It took me several days...Read More »
  • The Record Label

    The Record Label

    Throughout my career I have signed 10-15 record contracts (larger and smaller) around the world, but the results were always more or less identical. A bunch of great reviews and then not much more happening...Read More »
  • The Songwriting

    The Songwriting

    I think it's about time to let you in a little bit on how the songs are coming together for our seventh studio album. As usual the most challenging part was to figure out where the masquerade should be heading. But a significant difference from earlier albums is...Read More »
  • The new blog section

    The new blog section

    Welcome to the latest addition to our website. We will use this Blog as a compliment to the News section where we keep...Read More »